Tri-Ride Fun for Jess

Jess is 10 years old and has Cerebral Palsy, which means she needs a wheelchair to get around. She is strong enough to use on flat surfaces inside, but anything else needs the help of an adult. So outside or on rough ground means she is being pushed around. She is now of the age when being independent, is so important, so when her family approached us, we were very happy to be able to fund this new Tri-ride for Jess.

This great piece of kit, attaches to her own wheelchair and gives the power and manoeuvrability to go off road and travel longer distances too. Now Jess can play with her friends at school break time, whizz around the garden with her family and gives the whole family the chance to enjoy walks and outdoor activities together. Jess can go places under her own steam and when she wants to, giving the independence she had been missing!

The Tri-Ride was delivered just before Christmas and Jess has been enjoying her new found freedom, covering over 13 miles already!

Enjoy Jess and have fun out and about with your friends and family!