Thank you for the SafeSpace bed

To everyone at the Child with Special Needs Foundation,

We just wanted to say an enormous THANK YOU for the SafeSpace bed.
It is hard to articulate just how many ways this has already benefited both our lives but I’ll try to mention some below.

Firstly, they absolutely love it.! They love the sensory feedback they get from bouncing around in it, throwing themself against the fabric walls and the cosy ‘tent’ feel. Due to sensory processing disorder, the urge to throw themself against hard surfaces is uncontrollable, so for them to be able to do so safely and without causing any harm is such a life saver. We can also see the twinkly lights through the canvas which is an added bonus!

Secondly because it literally is a ‘safe space’ I can now sleep better knowing that they are unable to come to harm at night. Due to Autism, sleep is very sporadic but the times that they are fully asleep, I can now be too, instead of staying on a permanent ‘high alert’ waiting for the next wake up. As a single parent household this again has been life changing for us both. And as they grow the bed will continue to be able to keep them safe for years to come. It is such a relief!

And lastly, as mentioned we are a single parent family and due to their complex needs, I am unable to work so we are relying solely on benefits. The price of one of these beds is way beyond what I am capable of paying and there is nothing worse as a parent knowing that you can’t meet your child’s needs.

We just wanted to say thank you, as without your help this would have been an unachievable solution, and throughout the whole process you guys have been truly wonderful & supportive.

Thank you

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