Gardening at Guildford Grove School

We love a great project and this one at The Grove School, has given the pupils lots to do and learn! Funded by CWSNF, they have purchased lots of garden items so the students can grow and nurture plants from spring through to summer. Many of the plants and small trees will go on to mature over the years, creating a lovely environment for the school to enjoy.

The students have been busy planting lots of seeds, to grow flowers and vegetables in the beds. They also have some flowering blossom and fruit trees which were donated by the Woodlands Trust, to celebrate the Queens Jubilee and these have been planted in some beautiful wooden planters , which were part of the donation from CWSNF.

Each class also has its own terracotta pots to plant up and this year they had chosen red, white and blue for the Jubilee! The children are developing a herb bed and a fruit bed, including Raspberries! They also have many plants which are insect loving and the recent sunshine has helped to bring things along!

The support from CWSNF has greatly benefitted the students, as they are learning how to grow fruit & vegetables and with the help of the new Gardening Club, should go on for many years to come!



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