Florida 2022 Part 2!

noverSea World!

We all had breakfast at the house this morning, before setting off to Sea World. This park has the best of everything- Huge Roller Coasters, Water Rides, an awesome Dolphin show, Killer Whales that lept so high from the pool it was almost unbelievable! A soak zone, which was more a Tidal wave zone & ensured the 4 brave boys at the front, got their fair share of  pool water. Think the Mako, Manta, Kracken  and Ice Breaker Coasters, scared & thrilled our riders, all in one go! Quite simply a magical day at this park. Dinner at Bucca di Bepo Restaurant showed the students how family style Italian dining is done! Huge servings, with the biggest Meat Balls and macaroni cheese, they had ever seen! Thank you to all the team at this restaurant, for making the dinner so memorable for us all !

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Universal – Islands of Adventure

What better way to spend the day celebrating your 16th Birthday, than at Universal! Josh was 16 Years old today and felt like a King for the day! Islands of Adventure gave all the students the chance to test their nerve on some of the biggest roller Coasters they had seen! Not only were they treated like VIP’s for the day, as our Guides Kristi and Kendall took us to all the best rides! No queuing for our boys, just straight on the rides, to make the most of every moment! The students loved Harry Potter and Hagrids MotorBike & Side Car ride and The Forbidden Journey was also a big hit! Lunch in the Three Broomsticks was delicious- the biggest Corn on the Cob and Elvin took on the Turkey leg Challenge! A personal Meet & greet with the Marvel characters, gave everyone a real treat, with the students learning the Spiderman web move and shaping up to Captain America! Our afternoon changed with some rain, but we still managed to see the Minions, Transformers, Spiderman ride and the new Veloci-coaster ! What a day we had and such a special day for Josh the Birthday boy! We really are so grateful to everyone at Universal for helping our charity and giving the boys some very special memories, that will last a lifetime!

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Saturday- A day of rest and some shopping! 

Sunday- Legoland

Breakfast at the house was followed by a journey out to Legoland. We are so grateful to the team there for treating us like Kings for the Day! We were greeted by Jenn & Tim, who were our guides for the day. Think the favorite ride was the water boats, where the students fired water at the adults on the shore! Lots of great rides and the chance to go into the Master Builder studio to see the amazing sets being built for the park. Don’t thing the boys had ever seen so much Lego! After lunch we set off towards the Water Park and all the students loved it! Huge slides, shutes with rings and the best Lazy River! All the students loved their time here and the huge wave lagoon was also very popular. After a long day, it was good to get back to the house and chill by the pool. Our students had a takeaway at the house, while the Charity hosted a Thank You dinner to say a very big @Thank You to our amazing US supporters.


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Monday- Universal Studios

Our second day at Universal Studios began with Breakfast in the VIP Restaurant. Once everyone had eaten to the brim, we headed out to the Park. This time Kendall and Kristi, our guides, took us over to The Simpsons ride, Men In Black and the more adventurous rode the Rocket Roller Coaster! This coaster allows you to choose the music that you listen to as you hurtle down the track. We were also lucky enough to ride the Hogwarts express Train to Hogsmede and then visit Olivanders Wand shop, where Ty and Oscar were the lucky two to be chosen by Olivander to get the full wand experience! All the students were then given a Magic Harry potter wand, by the charity! Those that loved Hagrids sidecar and motorbike ride, were given the chance to ride again- Think this one was definitely one of the top two rides! We were treated to lunch in the VIP Restaurant and then had a surprise visit from Sponge bob Square Pants & Patrick! The day was then topped off with two very wet water rides, Rip Saw Falls and Popeye! What a treat for us all! Our final evening in Orlando was spent at Planet Hollywood, where we all had a fantastic night, with more food than we could eat! It was simply delicious, and we are so grateful to our friends at Planet Hollywood for looking after everyone so well! Thank you !

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