Florida September 2022

With just one day to go until we take 8 very lucky Boys from Sunnydown School off on a Trip of a Lifetime, cases are now being packed and passports at the ready ! This trip had been delayed due to Covid, but as promised to the boys a couple of years ago, we are now able to take them away and enjoy the many opportunities that Orlando has to offer! We meet at Gatwick tomorrow evening and then their amazing adventure will begin!


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Day one- Gatwick Awaits

The students and adults all arrived at The Hilton Hotel on Saturday evening. Suitcase were unloaded and everyone was allocated a Room.  Everyone enjoyed Dinner at the Hotel, before being tucked up for our last night in UK. An early breakfast meant we were ready to head over to the Airport for the star of our big adventure! All the boys were excited, but nervous about what lay ahead. Watch our Florida we are on our way!

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Day Two- Arrival In Orlando Airport

After a good flight, we have arrived in Orlando. The students were given the chance to go into the Cockpit and take the helm! The captain was brilliant and showed them what the huge panel of levers buttons and switches! We then picked up our vehicles and headed across to the houses! Boys were really excited to  see their big house, with Pool, Hot Tub and games room. Think there will be some fun had there. A new experience for a couple of the boys and their teachers, as we went over to the giant Walmart to shop for all 14 of us! Dinner at the house, was had before we tried to get ourselves on to Us times- for some this was easier than for others !!

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Day Three- Discovery Cove

Most of us were awake early, still on UK time, but that worked quite well, as we headed over to Discovery Cove and started our day there with some Breakfast. As we drove up to the Park, it was like we had entered an Oasis- Just beautiful! Todd was our guide for the day and he kept our private Cabana topped up with fresh towels, cold drinks and snacks! We even had a private meet and greet with a gorgeous Sloth! Just before lunch we all gathered in the cold dolphin cove to get our instructions to train the dolphins. Then all the students had the chance to swim with a dolphin. Just magical! Lunch was served from the buffet and all our students really enjoyed their food here. The lazy river was a big hit, with many going around a few times! Most students also loved the Reef and Rays, where they were able to snorkel and see some very impressive large colorful fish. There were some very large sharks, thankfully behind the glass screens! Everyone loved their day at Discovery Cove, even the spectacular Thunder Storm that went over head as we left the park. Dinner at the house tonight and the students helped to cook for everyone. The pool and Hot tub has been very popular at their house, as has the games room inside. Sleep well!

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Disney Day!

Breakfast at the houses, then we headed over to Disney’s Magic Kingdom. An action packed day, with rides on The Jungle Cruise, Space Mountain, Snow White & Seven Dwarfs Diamond Train, Thunder Mountain, a soaking in the splash zone and Speedway. All topped off with the Grand Parade and Dinner in the Crystal Palace. What a day! The students were a real credit to their school today and thoroughly enjoyed all the new experiences. Back home for a swim and chill tonight! 

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Wednesday 15th September 

A leisurely breakfast at the house, while we caught up on some T Shirt Washing ! This time we turned left out of our estate and headed towards the big lakes and Boggy Creek for an adventure across the water! The Blue team hired an Air Boat and skimmed across the lake, looking for Alligators, Bald Eagles, Herons, Butterflies and  rare sightings of other wild life that lives on the lake. Our Captain skimmed the water and took the boys breath away as he spun the boat! Think we saw the biggest Gator ever right out on the lake. Tried to follow for a while, but he got camera shy! Back home for some lunch and a swim, then we go over to Disney Springs for Ten Pin Bowling and dinner! Will update you later tonight :) 

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Disney Springs & Splitsville

After a short rest at the house, the students drove over to Disney Springs for an evening filled with Bowling, Laughter, Cheesy Chips, Sushi and the biggest Donuts, they had ever seen! Our grateful thanks goes to Jimmy, who sorted an evenings bowling competition, huge piles of delicious food and to top it all gave each boy a Ten Pin Drinks container! The donuts certainly we much desired !