Wheeling in Generosity: Future Care Group Gifts Four Multisport Wheelchairs Promoting Inclusivity and Empowerment

We extend heartfelt gratitude to the Future Care Group for their exceptional generosity. During their Annual Staff Awards night, they took a moment to express appreciation for the Children With Special Needs Foundation, showcasing their commitment to community engagement.

Thanks to the dedicated support of their staff and community, the Future Care Group generously gifted us with four multisport wheelchairs which we have already passed on to St Philips School in Chessington who are delighted to receive them on behalf of their students. They are a strong asset for their sports programme, meaning all students can take part in activities.

These wheelchairs symbolise more than just mobility; they embody inclusivity, empowerment, and the belief in providing everyone with the opportunity to explore the world freely. The Future Care Group emphasised the Foundation’s impactful work, stating, “The Children with Special Needs Foundation has been a beacon of hope, making a significant impact on the lives of children and their families.”

Their contribution reflects a shared commitment to creating a more accessible and inclusive world. We express our sincere thanks to all the staff at the Future Care Group for this meaningful donation.

Their support not only benefits our cause but also exemplifies the positive impact that large companies can have when embracing community giving. Together, we celebrate the power of kindness, compassion, and collective efforts in building a stronger, more resilient community that promotes the well-being of individuals and society.

wheeling in generosity