Summer strengthens her muscles on a new Motomed!

Summer is now 16 , but born at 33 weeks and diagnosed with Cerebal Palsy, she has to take regular medication and have lots Physio, to stop her muscles from tightening up !

When she attended summer school she had access to a MOTOmed bike, which is an indoor exercise bike that can be used from a wheelchair. She had progressed really well having had the chance to use it and

Summer’s family had already raised some money towards a new MOTOmed, but as we all know specialist equipment for Special Needs Children is pricey!

Covid meant that she could not go to school and have access to the exercise she really needs, so CWSNF were glad to be able to donate the balance, giving Summer a MOTOmed at home. The hope is that with regular exercise, she will now be able to complete her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Award!

summer strengthens her muscles on a new motomed