A Safe & Comfortable Pushchair!

Grace is only 4 years old, she has Autism and is non verbal and struggles to understand the dangers of the world around her. Sadly she had outgrown her pushchair, which meant that any outings were just not possible any more!

The new Tomato Jogger Pushchair holds her safely for visits to the shops and ensures she and her family can enjoy being out and about again.

Grace’s family sent us a lovely Thank you!

“We as a family cannot thank the children with special needs foundation enough for funding Grace with her new pushchair. We’re now able to take Grace places where before we just wouldn’t due to Grace being too big and also not understanding dangers.

This really has enabled us to do even the most simple tasks such as going for a family walk and also popping into shops again.

Many thanks again to the children with special needs foundation and all involved…..we honestly cannot thank you enough.”

Gareth, Rachel and Grace Edwards.