New Playhouse for Portesbury School!

A message from Portesbury School –

Thank you very much for the fantastic Playhouse, kindly donated to the school. It makes a great addition in our library area. We have recently invested in the Library and this house fits perfectly in the newly designed space! We are really trying to promote an enjoyment of books within our school and the chance to go to the Library and spend time reading in the Playhouse is very motivating in helping our students transition there and then stay for longer periods. The house itself is great for developing vocabulary, language and communication through role-play, because the artwork is so striking and engaging for the children. 

Those children who like their own space, are also keen to use it to read quietly on their own away from others. It really has added colour and vibrancy to our entrance area and is immediately commented on by all our visitors. We really appreciate all the hardworking, time and effort that went into it!

All thanks to a fantastic team building day run at Pennyhill Park Hotel by O3e of Brighton and their generous donation !


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