Discovery Cove

Everyone slept well in their new bedrooms and all the students have been helping around the house. A great team!  Today saw an early start at 8am and breakfast at Discovery Cove. We were so lucky to have our own private cabana to relax in, complete with fridge and snacks to keep us all hydrated. This place is like a little oasis, with Sandy beaches, lazy rivers, a bird aviary, parrots, Ibis and a vast selection of reef fish, manta rays, sharks & of course the dolphins !   After a float around the lazy river, our students all got the chance to meet the dolphins and become dolphin trainers! All students swam with their dolphin, which was amazing to watch. Well done to you all!  Lunch followed and then we headed into the bird aviary which most students loved, taking the time to get birds to land in them an feed. After a quick refreshment top up, it was time to go snorkelling with the hundreds of reef fish and manta rays! It was fantastic to see all students, trying something  new and having such great fun!  What a day! Time to go back to the house for dinner and a swim before bedtime! Another big day awaits tomorrow  at Disneys Magic Kingdom! 🏰