Lego Land

After breakfast at the house and a 45 minute drive, we arrived in Winter Haven and Legoland. Our children were again VIP’s for the day! We were greeted by our two guides, who took us around the park ensuring that the students got to ride on all the most exciting rides and experiences in Legoland. There was definitely  something for everyone here, with roller coasters, 3D rides and games and to top it all a trip to the Lego Master Builder Zone, where the students were shown the secrets behind the building of the park and got to make their own models! A brilliant day was topped off with some time  in the water park , riding the Lazy River, Wave Machine and flumes! On the way back out if the park there was time for one more ride – Mia’ s pony’s, which was a great hit with the students! All the children were gifted a Lego bag with goodies and Lego cup, to remember their day here! We are so very grateful to the whole team at Lego and Merlin’s  Magic Wand, for giving our students this fantastic day to remember !