Universal Studios 😎

The students from Carwarden School were treated as VIP’s all the way, today at Universal! Our amazing guides Brian & Kendal, were with us for the day to ensure we didn’t need to queue for any rides and got to see behind the scenes too! An early start at 8am, as breakfast was at the park! Then we all boarded the Hogwarts Express to Hogsmead and the rides began! Hagrids Motorbike & Sidecar, was brilliant and all students rode this twice , to get the thrills again! This was swiftly followed by The Flight of the Hippogriff , Harry Potters Forbidden Journey and Skull island with King Kong. Everyone dined in The 3 Broomsticks at lunch time , with some students tackling the huge Turkey Leg and Butterbeer ! The afternoon continued with another roller coaster, which was the fastest in Florida- Velocicoaster! Everyone went on and some enjoyed more than others.  🙂

With Jimmy Falon Races, Minions, Spider-Man and much much more, the rides today really were simply thrilling and exciting for  all ! The children loved their private meet and greet, with all the Marvel Super Hero’s. Such a treat to be able to chat, get autographs and personal photos with them! We really were treated like kings today! The day was topped off with dinner at The Hard Rock Cafe & some students opting for a dessert of the biggest chocolate sundae I’ve ever seen ! An incredible day, filled with smiles, fun and laughter.