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Willow takes the biscuit!

Wow! Here are some pictures of our first helper dog Willow. We are thrilled to be able to help Max in such an exciting and rewarding way.    


"Willow arrived 4 days ago and is still on trial, or though I think she is not likely to go back. She is wonderful and just the right dog for Max. She plays games with him, by pulling socks of hands and feet and fetching toys and balls for Max. Max enjoys throwing the ball (throwing-ish) for her and she is happy to fetch it and wait patiently until the next throw.


Max went to a show (at Chase Hospice) with her and us and managed to watch the show without being scared. This was amazing for us as Max has never been able to sit through any loud show before. The dog on his lap (they were sitting on the floor) he enjoyed the show and we could all watch it! 


Thank you so very much for making this possible. Tanja"