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Sitting Comfortably!

Anyone with a special needs child will tell you how hard transfers in and out of cars can be, and how important it is that the children are safe and comfortable . We were very pleased to be able to help the Johnston boys out recently. Alexander (8) & Nicholas (6) both require full time care and have to be lifted into their car seats. These bespoke seats will grow with the boys and also help protect Mum & Dads backs, as they manoeuvre the boys into the car. Thanks to Charlie Wooldridge for coming along to present the seats and for his support of CWSNF!
These words from their mum Andrea clearly show what a difference they have made...

"After the realisation kicked in that we would need new car seats as our old ones
(whilst very good, were no longer suitable and the boys exceeded the maximum
weight for the harness), I started looking for alternatives.
It is amazing how few options there were available and what the costs would be.
I know the costs go up with everything “special needs”, but this was getting
I found several car seats that I thought would be suitable, and googled charities
that might be able to help with funding. Friends also came forward with
suggestions. Nearly every charity had an application form of between 3-10 pages
to download and fill in, they would only fund the cheapest option of the quotes
submitted, they needed an occupational therapist report and might take several
months to reply or to approve the quotes.
Of course, I thought, that is only fair, considering the amount of money that
would have to be spent. Off we went to Carshalton, to get a private OT report
done, in readiness for any fight/opposition that we might encounter along the
I was so amazed and surprised when CWSNF were so helpful on the phone and
via email, the whole process was so easy, no forms had to be filled in (and as a
special needs mum, I DO HATE having to fill in forms and outlining ad nauseam
how disabled my children are and submitting evidence. We have to live with this
situation all day, every day and then, every evening, instead of relaxing, we have
to do more paperwork to get the help we need).
CWSNF was brilliant, we met some lovely committee members and the decision
to fund us took 2 days. I was so amazed, the relief and lifting this massive weight
off our shoulders counts for so much for an already downtrodden parent.

Thank you so, so very much, CWSNF, you have been an absolute life saver."