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Please take a seat!...

Children with special needs requirements change as they grow and develop. We have supported the wonderful Max on a number of occasions and were very pleased to be able help again with his new car seat. 


 Tanja Chai sent this lovely note of thanks...  

"Thank you so much Children with Special Needs Foundation! Thanks to you Max will now be travelling safely, back and and trunk supported! We could not afford safe travel for our son, thank you for making this happen!!! It also swivels out so I can now transfer him safely from his wheelchair to his seat! He loves it so much much! A great big Thank you for our little man! We are so very grateful!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️🎉

If you want to help the. Charity to help more children like Max with life changing and vital pieces of equipment please donate. Every penny helps, every pound makes a huge difference to these Children. 
Thank you