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Making life easier for Daniel and Jacob

The CWSNF has always been about making a difference to the lives of our special children and their families as the two quotes below happily testify ...


“This last week we were lucky enough to receive a balance bike for our son Daniel. Daniel has achondroplasia which is a form of dwarfism. This means that he has shorter than average arms and legs and a larger head, it also causes extreme hypermobility and low muscle tone. Daniel is a typical 4 year old boy who loves to have fun and be independent. Finding a balance bike that he was able to use proved to be incredibly difficult given that he is the size of an average 1 year old. This will be very useful for him to help improve his balance and coordination and offer a very welcome change from his wheelchair which is what he usually uses when we are out and about. He is gradually increasing his confidence using the balance bike and is loving having "his bike". We are extremely grateful to have received this especially as it was such short notice. Gordon and Ann really went above and beyond to ensure Daniel got his bike. They were contacted on the Friday and on Saturday he had his bike! They even made the extra effort to go to the bike shop that was ordering the specific model for him to try before we got there and arranged it all as a surprise! We can't say thank you enough for enabling Daniel to gain some independence while improving his strength.”  (thank you Brilliant Bikes of Chobham)


"We would just like to say how great full we are for the funding you have provided to enable Jacob to have a new wheelchair and can’t thank you enough. A wheelchair is an essential piece of equipment for Jacob. Jacob is impressed with his new chair as the features like the anti tip bars that he can operate himself and the swing away foot plates make some of his day to day tasks a little easier.

Thank you again" 

Kim, Phil and of course Jacob