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Leia's P Pod!

We will let Leia's mum explain the difference her P Pod has made to both Leia and the family. Thank you for your support, we can only make a difference because of you! 


"The P Pod seat and mobile wheel base that the Children With Special Needs Foundation funded for Leia has made a real difference to us as a family, enabling us to spend more time together and keep Leia safe!

Before we had it, for Leia to chill out and relax, she was having to either lie on the floor of the living room - impractical and unsafe, due to her risk of aspiration when lying flat, and the risk of us tripping over her -, or go up to her bedroom to lie in her bed - splitting the family up.

Now she is able to relax safely in the same room with us, and engage more as the P Pod is around the same height as our sofas. 

Since CWSNF also funded the wheel base, things have been even better. Before then, the P Pod had to stay in one position, then we would have to hoist Leia into another chair to take her anywhere else in the house. Now she can come with us wherever we go! She's even been out sunning herself in the garden in the P Pod since we got the wheels for it!

Thank you so much, CWSNF, for improving Leia's (and our) quality of life!

Thank you so much to all at the CWSNF".