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Isaac is in the driving seat!

We were delighted to be able to help Isaac get a new seat, Amy his mum tells us why it is so important...


"This car seat will help Isaac in so many ways. Where he has poor muscle tone
it is difficult to get him in and out of a car seat as he cannot help to do
this himself so having this new car seat that swivels around will help us so
 It also fully reclines which will be amazing for him to be able to sleep as
he needs to get a lot of rest as he gets very tired due to his heart
condition and low muscle tone.
Most importantly it means he can stay rear facing for longer which is much
safer for a child of a lower weight and height like Isaac.
Thank you so much CWSNF for getting this for him it's really has, and will
continue to, make a real difference to our life on a daily basis."