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Granting some help!


We gave the Grant family a £10K donation to add to their fund-raising and purchase this amazing exercise machine! Emerson can now use his bike to keep his muscles and bones healthy, while he recovers. A fantastic piece of kit,which stimulates the muscles to move, using pads placed on his legs and back - It then monitors his progress and adjusts the settings to give all muscles a good workout! His doctors can even remotely see what is happening and advise the best course of training!

Currently only a few of these in UK, so we are delighted that we could give Emerson the chance to use one on a daily basis and give him the best chance possible.

At only 3 years old Emerson is such a determined little boy, he has experienced many operations already but his smile and determination will see him through ! 

Definitely a case of putting a smile on.......