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Delivering Christmas cheer!

Christmas can be a stressful time of year for our families. Financial, emotional and time pressures make make a happy season become a very complicated one. With that in mind we were delighted to be delivering some Festive Hampers for 70 Special Needs families. Thanks as always to Waitrose and Foxhills.


As one of our local schools kindly commented...

“I just wanted to pass on the sincere and heartfelt thanks from all the families who received one of the wonderful hampers you arranged on our behalf.  Every family have gone out of their way to say how much they appreciated the gift and what a real difference it made to the Christmas they were able to provide for their children.  I know that some families in particular are facing hugely challenging times in terms of their finances and have a massive struggle managing day to day without the additional 'pressures' of wanting to make the festive season special for their children.  The generosity of the amazing sponsors  and all your hard work in making this all happen definitely brought some much needed Christmas cheer to these really needy individuals.”