Airboats 🚀& Bowling 🎳

The students were able to enjoy a more leisurely breakfast today, before we travelled over to Boggy Creek for a thrilling ride across a huge lake on our Airboat. We saw some amazing birds, wildlife and of course the Alligators. This years group were lucky enough to see lots of newly hatched β€˜gators, in the wild 🐊!  Our Airboat sped across the vast lake, before spinning around back to the shore. Quite a unique experience ! The journey back to the houses, took us through lots of different Florida home styles, giving the students a real flavor of Florida life. Lunch back at the house, saw everyone have a chance to relax for a couple of hours & enjoy the sunshine in the house pool ! Our day ended with some great fun at Splitsville Bowling ( Thank you Frank!)  and a delicious dinner at Art Smiths Kitchen, where the favorite of the day, seemed to be Buttermilk Chicken & Donuts!! Thank You Jimmy for hosting us and for the Delicious donuts!, 🍩🍩 Our students were a credit to their school and it was fantastic to see everyone enjoy all the new experiences today !